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Products Overview

At Houston DSL, we want to supply you with all of the information required for selecting broadband DSL Internet access in the Houston area. Houston DSL products are organized by the type of entity utilizing the service. We have solutions geared towards residential home users and scale to packages capable of handling the heavy Internet usage characterized by that of multi-user corporate environments.

Houston DSL Business Packages - Business class Houston DSL customers can benefit from the outrageously fast speeds and extra features we have to offer. Houston DSL pricing plans for our business customers are the most competitive that your company will find on the market. Houston DSL provides also warm and friendly customer support atmosphere as we understand that our Houston DSL Internet connection is the lifeblood of most companies. These are just some of the benefits you can expect from Houston DSL. Click here for DSL Terms descriptions.

Houston DSL Residential Packages - Home and end-users utilizing Houston DSL residential plans can tell their friends they have the fastest Internet connection on the block. Our residential packages are optimized for accessing your company network, downloading large files, playing online games, and staying current with whats going on in the world. If you have a telephone line, let Houston DSL hook you up!

Houston DSL Benefits - Houston DSL customers can expect these benefits:

  • High-speed Internet Access
  • Free Static IP Address
  • Free E-mail Addresses
  • Fast Turn-up in 5 Business Days**
  • Outstanding 24x7 Customer Care
  • Free Houston DSL Bridge Modem
  • Latest Promotional Pricing


* Houston Digital Subscriber Line transport services provided by SBC Advanced Solutions, Inc.
** Houston DSL turn-up date lengths apply in most cases


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